Welcome to Hunting Creek Vineyards

Owned and operated by Milt and Sandy McPherson
434 454 9219

Open Friday and Saturday 11am to 5pm

We welcome your visit at other times too. Just give us a call or email to give us a date and general time and we will try very hard to accomodate your schedule. 


We deliver throughout Virginia! Send us an email and we will work with you.

We direct ship to NC, NY, and Colorado

We ship via vinoshipper , to these states:



Click here to view a video from the 2012 SoVA wine inaugural festival. 


We offer the following wines:
Merlot, Petit Verdot, Viognier and interesting blends of our vinifera grapes. We have a jalopeno wine that gives a bit of heat with a burst of flavor as well as a semi dry Rose'.


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