Pure Luck (Viognier) 

This wine is 100% viognier . It has no residual sugar and partial malolactic fermentation to give it a crisp taste. The apricot, pear, and citrus bouquet highlight this refreshing white wine. Fermented in untoasted oak as well as stainless steel. 

 Pairing suggestions:  Asian, cajun, seafood; pear or citrus dessert.


Temptation (Merlot)

Our merlot clusters are large, rich, and deep in color. We use a light oak during aging to enhance the flavor of a beautiful grape that makes a smooth light to medium bodied wine.

Pairing suggestions: Chicken, pork, mixed green salads containing mushrooms or meatier ingredients (not citrus).


Indulgence (Bordeaux Blend)

This is a blend of Merlot (82%) and Petit Verdot (12%) making an elegant, smooth wine with a nice finish for those that enjoy a medium to full-bodied red wine. We use these  Bordeaux grapes to give homage to the land that donated these varieties to our country.  

Pairing suggestions: Lamb, beef, meat stew/soup, lasagna.


Decadence (Petit Verdot/Viognier Blend) 

We ferment our Petit Verdot with Viognier skins and then add 5% of our Viognier wine prior to bottling. The Viognier allows more floral bouquet also reducing some of the harsh tannin characteristics of the Petit Verdot which makes this an exquisite marriage.

Pairing suggestions: Steak, bold cheeses, dark chocolate, cherry, raspberry or chocolate desserts.


Repentance (Cabernet Franc/Cranberry Blend)

Repentance is a light red wine made from Cabernet Franc grapes. This wine is a semi dry wine with 1.5% sweetness achieved by sweetening with a merlot concentrate. Merlot concentrate is a made from grapes that are crushed, pasturized and vacuum sealed. Repentance could be enjoyed after a meal or by friends that prefer a mildly sweet wine.

Pairing suggestions: Fruit, cheese cake, sponge cake, and all berry desserts. May be used as a stand alone sangria poured over fruit. This also works well as a pork reduction and used in place of water in chocolate recipes.


Dare (white wine/Jalapeno Blend

 Dare is a white wine with real Jalapenos used during the fermentation. The aroma of pepper leads the way to smooth heat and lots of flavor. It can be sipped, added to a Bloody Mary or used in countless recipes.

Pairing suggestions: May be used as Bloody Mary or martini ingredient. Adds flavor to sauces, stuffed pepper and pasta dishes. Pairs well with keylime cheesecake, (you have to try it to believe it)