Our Wines 

Pure Luck (Viognier) 

Our 100% Viognier wine is fermented and settled in neutral oak barrels as well as stainless steel tanks. We marry these two styles of Viognier to give the wine a soft opening taste while still retaining a crisp fruity finish. It has no residual sugar and partial malolactic fermentation.The apricot, pear, and citrus bouquet highlight this refreshing white wine. Currently serving and selling 2014.



 Temptation (made with 100% Merlot)

Our Merlot clusters are large, rich and deep in color. We use a light oak during aging to enhance the flavor of a beautiful grape that makes an excellent wine. Currrently serving and selling the 2013.





This is a blend of Merlot (82%) and Petit Verdot (18%) making an elegant, smooth wine with a nice finish for those that enjoy a medium to full-bodied red wine. We use these Bordeaux grapes to give homage to the land that donated these varieties to our country. Indulgence is our signature wine, each year the blend varies depending on the amount and quality of the grapes we grow and if we decide to purchase local grapes. Our son, Jeremy Ligon is a talented winemaker who brings his palate and expertise for the final blend of our Indulgence. Tasters enjoy comparing different vintages of the Indulgence and noticing the unique characteristics that change from year to year influenced by viticulture and winemaking practices. We are currently serving and selling 2011 and 2012.



This is truly a wine with decadent character. We ferment our Petit Verdot with Viognier skins and then add 5% of our Viognier wine prior to bottling. The Viognier allows more floral bouquet also reducing some of the harsh tannin characteristics of the Petit Verdot which makes this an exquisite marriage. We are currently serving and selling the 2013.



Envy (made with 100% Petit Verdot)

Envy is an exclusive reserve wine available to our Envy Club members only. This bold wine is made from Hunting Creek's finest Petit Verdot grapes harvested from 12 year-old vines and aged in French Oak for 20 months. Over the next 5-10 years, this lush red wine will continue to soften and exude its full character. Not available for tasting or purchase in the tasting room. See our Wine Club page for more information.



Repentance is a light red wine made from Cabernet Franc and sweetened naturally with Merlot concentrate. This is a semi-dry wine with 1.5% sweetness that could be enjoyed after a meal or by friends that prefer a slightly sweeter wine. Currently serving and selling the 2014.






We have a novelty jalapeño wine named Dare. This white wine can be sipped, added to a Bloody Mary or used in countless recipes. Recipe ideas are posted under our wines/recipes.