Our Story

Hunting Creek Vineyards started in April 2002 with the planting of 100 Merlot, 100 Petit Verdot and 100 Viognier vines. Directed over the beginning years by superb consultants Eric Capps and Jason Murray, Hunting Creek Vineyards expanded to one acre of Petit Verdot, one acre of Viognier and one-half acre of Merlot grapes. 

Our winery started small in 2008, producing 180 cases with our first offerings beginning in the fall 2009. In 2012, we added 1/2 acre of Malbec against the advice of some experts in viticulture. After overcoming initial obstacles, we are excited to be able to add our first harvest of the Malbec to the 2014 Indulgence which will be bottled in the Spring of 2016.

We believe in supporting local growers and our community. All of our wines are made from grapes grown and processed here on our property. We have in the past purchased grapes from other local vineyards and plan to continue to develop relationships with local growers that share our philosophy – that a healthy balanced vine creates the best possibility to make exceptional wine!